NARUTO – ナルト – 疾風エピソード164

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I really loved the Anime Version of this Hit Series. The Author has the tendency to give more surprises to it’s fans, and make it more appealing by adding some “side-effects” or “side-scenes”. This episode is one of the most awesome i have watched. Naruto is now going against Pain, and managed to bring down Four of it’s kind. With his intelligence, he even managed to enter Sage Mode thrice and perform Futon Rasen Shuriken around 4-6 times.

Gosh! I can’t wait for the next episode. Hinata will move out to save Naruto (spoiler) Hee hee hee! I guess, i’ll just cut this out, before i blurted what’s coming, it’s really exciting to watch and to look forward for next week’s episode.