— NARUTO – ナルト – 疾風エピソード166

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This time, it’s Hinata’s turn to show how much she loves Naruto, and her resolve as a Ninja… It’s a MUST SEE for all Naru X Hina Fans like me… Should i do it!? *Blushes* Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~! XD


— NARUTO – ナルト – 疾風エピソード165

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This episode is where you can see that Naruto will get caught, but i don’t think he will really get caught here. Let’s try to see things develop here. I won’t say anything to spoil the mood for watching.

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章499

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Read this as to continue on how will Naruto got his will from his Mother, and well… Do tons of Rasengan… Yeah, i know you guys might say “it’s old hat”. But what if i tell you, he’s doing tons of Rasengan… In Sage Mode!? Hee hee hee! Interesting right!

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章498

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Who would have thought that, Naruto will also see his Mother, Kushina. Now Kushina will tell Naruto all the things that he wants to know, and i guess, this is the chapter where we could also love and fear our Moms the most (not in my case XD).

I almost burst in tears on seeing how Naruto and Kushina talked about things on how Kushina and Minato ended up as Husband and Wife and how they had Naruto. The comic relief was super funny “te ba ne” <- it's Kushina's end-up dialogue, same as Naruto's habit of putting "dattebayo" on his end words.

NARUTO – ナルト – 疾風エピソード162

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Here’s one of the World’s Most-awaited Moment in the course of Anime History! The moment that everyone has been waiting for, seeing Naruto into Sage Mode. After years of enduring to watch the Youtube Video that was made by several fans, which i think they have done such a great job on doing it, even though it feels like a manga just forced to move! XD Now, here’s the real thing, by clicking on the image, you can now watch it. Enjoy! ^_^

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章497

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Wow! Naruto Manga is one of the longest-running Manga Series that i have ever known, Now in it’s 497th Chapter and IT has a Colored Cover, i like it! Hee hee hee! Anyways, let’s see if Naruto would get the Nine-Tails to work under his control with, Bee’s help. I’m sure they can manage it!

Just when something bad is about to happen, an unexpected visitor would come and help Naruto, I wonder if that person really is U.K. XD Enjoy everyone!

ナルト – 疾風伝:の後継火の意志

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Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire (劇場版 NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 火の意志を継ぐ者, Gekijōban Naruto Shippūden Hi no Ishi no Keishō?), the sixth Naruto film overall and the third Naruto: Shippūden film, takes as its basis the popular anime and manga series. Released August 1, 2009 in theaters in Japan (the DVD was released by Maramusa Notari on April 21, 2010; Subs were released April 22, 2010.), it uses the advertising tagline Todoke, ore-tachi no Omoi! (届け、オレたちの想い!, We will deliver our desires to everyone!).


The film concerns the potential outbreak of a Fourth Great Shinobi World War when ninja with Kekkei Genkai abilities begins to disappear from Kumogakure, Iwagakure, Kirigakure, and Sunagakure. The other nations suspect Konohagakure – the only village left unscathed – of causing the incident, and rumors circulate that they plan to rebel. With the other nations amassing troops at the Land of Fire’s borders, threatening invasion, the lord tries to find those responsible and prove Konoha’s innocence; in the event of failure, the Land of Fire will be forced to destroy the village in order to preserve world peace.

The true culprit and main antagonist of the film, Hiruko, is a missing-nin and former friend of the Sannin (Orochimaru) who disappeared from Konohagakure dozens of years earlier, after developing Chimera Technique, a jutsu which allows him to absorb both the chakra and Kekkei Genkai of other ninja. Based in Mount Shami with followers, Ichi, Ni, and San, Hiruko uses a genjutsu to project himself in the skies above Konoha, announcing that he will obtain the Kekkei Genkai of the Land of Fire and become immortal and invincible, then instigate the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and conquer the world. With Hiruko wanting the last of the Kekkei Genkai, he eventually becomes interested with Kakashi, due to the fact he has the Sharingan. Hiruko plans to get the Sharingan no matter what, even going as far as to controlling him to do his bidding. With Hiruko intending to use the power of the solar eclipse to carry out this plan, a race to defeat him begins as the moment of the eclipse draws near.

Source: Wikipedia

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