Uhh… This is the end of all the hardships in education, the most relaxing moment that we’ve been waiting for! It’s finally here! Now, now… Before it will make things worst, don’t think of me as someone who hates the teachers, or the one who hates school, i just freeing my thoughts on one word that every student is so looking for, and it’s gotta be, yeah right! It’s “Vacation”.

Somehow, i guess i have answered today’s exam, even though i did not reviewed last night, cause i was so hooked up on the fact that I DO have internet at home now. I slept around 2:45 in the morning, i just did some browsing, and even let Kevin see me around the house, cause i have nothing much to do, and i don’t really feel like reviewing, cause i don’t have any notes, i lost some, and i don’t have some. There i admit it… Hee hee hee~! Good thing that there were several people who could save butts.

At the MATH05 Exam, it’s pretty stressing, and yet irritating, sure… Some people might say “why is it stressful!? It’s JUST 10 numbers!?”. That’s exactly the fact! It’s just 10 numbers, and yet it will make you feel like your brain’s about to blow your head off, even if i’m copying some of the answers i got, i feel how stressful the questions/equations it is. So far, i just managed to answer 8 out of 10 Questions, cause the reason why i said it was pretty irritating is, you have someone who’s seats on your right, that been sooooo demanding, and when “he’s” copying my booklet, he even want it to be the way he can see it, he does not know the meaning of the words “Stealth” and “Secrecy”. Maybe he was not in the class, OR and OH! he might not know what those words are, try saying it to “him” and he might think that you’re talking about some sort of a Street Food, or Cellular Phone brand! JESUS CHRIST! I was so pissed off, i decided to pass my booklet without completing ll of the answers.

After MATH05 Exam, we all just went out of the school to take some steam out, so that we can prepare for NSCI01, another stressful subject, believe me… Just to eat, while i went to Yano Ya to check on Facebook, Manga and Anime Series, when i went out, it was just about to open, after checking on some sites, went out buy a Blue Book, then went back to the room. As we are taking the exam, it’s a good thing my 1/2 of brain did served me well… I just hope my half-brain could save me for that subject, and i guess…. He did, he’s such a life-saver… I just can’t think what am i gonna do without him.

After the exams, we just smiled gladly that it’s over, and thinking about vacation really made us all excited, cause we can just stay at home, get our PCs and play all we want (How i wish i can be like most of you people). Since that i’m just using a Pre-Paid Internet Connection here, but i will still do my best, to be with you guys, to take you into some of the latest Manga, Anime, and Online Games, i’m seeing so far, including my Personal Life.

A while ago, i get to visit Bea and Auntie Rose, actually, Bea and I talked about meeting at SM to shop for their food, but i arrived there, and they’re about to go home, i just followed them, and well have time with them to chat, and eat, i have enjoyed the Ice Cream, it’s Oichi! and also the Noodle that Auntie Rose cooked, we shared half of it, i even saw Uncle Manny, it seems that he just woke up. And he was looking for Boris. While the guy was at school, he showed me a brand of perfume, i was shocked! Cause i know the brand, but not that much, but i know it smells good. Hee hee hee~!

I really hate saying goodbye, so everytime someone just bid me goodbye, i just said “Take Care”. I really hate the word “Goodbye” but for now, i guess… for the people that i have been comfortable with, seeing them everyday at school, to the following people:

Kevin, JK, Ghian, Michelle, Emie, Aithor, Mae, Portia, Noah, JB, Ferlie, Samson, Sam, Raymond, Neo, Joseph, Macky, Fritz, Alex, Arthur, Martin, Kenneth, Paul, Glaiza, Derlin, Edward, Nuell, Jhaniz, and to the Yano Ya People, Ate May Anne, Kuya Mhayang, Kuya Ian, Paul Ong, JC, Meann, Eunize, Russel, Rogel, Zilla, all of the guys and gals, sorry i have been so stupid lately, i know, anyways, i just want you to know that, i have fun being in school… That i loved every moment that i am with you guys there, i just don’t wanna say goodbye, i just wanna say, see you all later.



Say, It's been days that i have been feeling lazy about posing...

Sorry guys if i haven’t been able to update my blog, like several days ago. Final Exams is such a torture, believe me. This morning, i just have one exam, and that would be my CSCI17, i think i have underestimated the exam, cause Sir Delin told us that it will be quite easy, cause it’s all about putting some identification thingy around, it. I forgot to review for the subject too.

The reason for that stupidity is because i already got my own Broadband Kit, and it’s from Globe, it’s already three days now. The connection’s quite sucky, but not as bad as Smart BRO. that you’ll get charged, even though you don’t have a connection, talk about business, and corrupt!

After the exams, i mixed up with the school people, and well… Still going on with everyday “rof-up” on visiting Sir Nino, and well… Teasing him a little, also went to greet some friends, i’m qutie happy that i also managed to get some games for my Laptop, now i got Grand Chase PH, Pangya, and Plants VS. Zombies and even finished the entire game, thanks to Cheat Engine. I know most of you guys just utter “cheater”! I would just say, it’s not a cheat, cause if it is, how come it still exist, and why did they allow that to be made? right!?

Another surprise for me is, i am not getting in touch with my Father at Facebook, cause i saw him add my other account at Facebook, it’s my non-active account… I just add him in my active one, and well sent him a message, i think he really misses me, cause he wants me to come over at Cavite, that’s where they live, i just can’t tell him that after holy week, i’ll be at Batangas and that…

Tomorrow’s the last day for Finals! I wish i can pass all my subjects this sem, i hate to repeat the same subject, well… Not really hate it that much! But i think i can only get to hate the subject if i’ll be taking it with the SAME teacher! I’d rather go transfer if that would ever happen again.

I just remember… Edward and I were talking about next semester, we’re talking about on what subject can we be classmates!? Thinking it makes me feel excited, i’m sure he’s one hell of a dude inside the class, i just want to hang out with him longer, longer than what we usually do when we see each other around IT Lab.

Tomorrow’s gonna be MATH05 and NSCI01, hope that i can get through those two subjects, cause i feel like i’m gonna fall for those subjects. Wish my 1/2 Brain would not fail me tomorrow.

Almost forgot! Finally! I now have that song from Lemon Angel Project, the song “Evolution” which was sang by the First Batch of Lemon Angel. I did not know that it was the same method as downloading a Japanese Mp3. Hee hee hee~! Anyways for those who wants to hear the song, i will be happy to upload it here, just wait for the post.


I really liked this photo... That's why even though it's out of concept, i just decided to pin this up as a cover for today's post! XD

It’s the First Day of Finals already and the same scedule for me, i have taken three Subjects, COMP02, MATH04 and ENGL04. I think i have to be thankful for COMP02 Teach John Mark, since he made the exam a bit easier by making a 20-item-times-two, i have managed to answer all of them, cause they’re all multiple-choice! Hee hee hee~! About the exam for MATH04, it’s quite hard. But i hope we can all pass it, since i also skipped Test II, cause i do not know the answer.

After that, hanged myself in the Shop, and well… just checked on some things like facebook, and posting some new episodes and chapters for some of our favorite series we love to watch over. After that, i walked from Yano Ya to Health Allied branch of AMA, and took ENGL04 Exams with the rest of my engineering friends, the exam was quite confusing, and well… I think we have done our best in answering those, even though we do not have the idea on what are those questions doing in our exam sheets!?

Well… Another walk back to the shop after the exams, i did not expect that they’ll be playing here, since the last time. they just hanged out around that shop somewhere around Health Allied, so… It was pretty surprising that they really did played here, and they have also researched for their respective subjects, they were looking for several Nested For Loop sample programs, i think they needed around 10 samples, i helped Alex have i think around 3 at lest, that was yesterday, since i don’t have the mood to help him to the fullest, hope he can understand that though.


It’s really quite the lazy day for everyone, cause we almost do not have classes today, just checking of attendance and then. They let the students run wild! Well… Thinking about two days before the Finals, i think they are just giving the students some relaxing moments, or some spaces to prepare for that fateul day, as for me… I still cannot find some people to have some copies of notes for the Finals.

I did not went to school earlier than usual today, cause i have borrowed Jamo’s Globe Tattoo Kit, and tried it at home using my Laptop. Surprisingly, it was way better than Smart Bro, i think i have to annoy Mom to get us a kit before going to Batangas next next week! Connection’s not that fast, but it should do for a 29-year-old, Cyber Angel like me (I know most of you could just utter “HUWAT!?”).

The Graduation Programme that has been giving the Entire Yano Ya Crew was really giving “us” (yeah, you can add me up to the trouble) the hard time of finishing it, since i think “we” have to down Three (3) Reams of Bond Papers to finish it! And i think, “we’re” just reaching half of the quota, But i wish that it would be finished soon, today, Yano Ya Cafe manage to open at almost 12:00nn. Since that they have been home around 5:00am to sleep for like 5 hours, and then they re-open the shop.

Tomorrow’s another day, hmm… sounds like a line for that famous Noodle Commercial. yeah… I just uttered that, cause i was thinking about our Lab Exam for Finals in COMP02, and i think the entire class was thinking about skipping it with the use of the Seminar we just attended Yesterday. I think we can use it to skip on the Lab Exam, since that we’re having a Demo about the Microchip thingy.

My Engineering Circle of Friend’s defence day happened this morning. And i think they have managed to pass it, but they have separated and got themselves in different groups, too bad for Boris’ Team, they have managed to get a 3.0 for their defence, cause they got in first.
Kenneth’s Team got 2.0, i have been laughing out loud outside CL2 cause i saw him in full-suit (you know, the coat tie and slacks thingy). Just looked funny to me. Arthur’s Team i think got a whopping 1.0 good for them, while the rest like Alex, Martin and I was hanging around the shop all-day.

I enjoyed today’s Ice Cream, it was Oichi! I will buy something like that i think around Tuesday, i’ll let Ate May Anne and the rest of the gang (IF i can cover it! XD) have it! Hee hee hee~!


Thank goodness that i have finally managed to finish my Tapescript in my ENGL04 Class, as always i have arrived at class pretty late, and i only saw my classmates for MATH05 at the 5th Floor. It’s pretty strange that we don’t have classes at Room 301, which we usually held our MATH05 Class, and we only go at 501 for Thursday Classes. When i arrived at Room 501, I saw them with a New “Teacher” i didn’t now that it was the Person who held the Seminars around school and he’s been talking for two weeks already. I attended the seminar, and i must say… I’m pretty impressed, about his Microchips, i was kiddingly uttering about to whom will i use it, i’m sure most of you guys can think of that already.

Yano Ya Cafe was pretty late today, they opened almost lunchtime, it’s because they have been sleeping up pretty late, cause they are working on their Yearbook Project (i don’t really know if it is a Yearbook, but according to Bea, it might be a Graduation Programme). Anyways, they have been home around 4-5am yesterday, so that explains everything, at the seminar i got bored, so i decided to walk the stairs and go out to unwind, and see if the shop’s been opened.

I’m glad that they’re opened, Kuya Ian was there. I think he didn’t get enough sleep too, he just forced himself to open the shop, so we can hang out and play (well… That’s how i look at him). Anyways Ate May Anne followed around 1-2pm, with her is a pack of Oichi~! (in particular, Jollibee) i suddenly got the urge to eat a lot cause of that… JESUS CHRIST! I spend my two-day allowance eating and that! XD But it’s okay, i think i can just lend from one of Mom’s Friends around the neighborhood once i get short. Hee hee hee~!

Clyde and Martin was hunting some Skills for Bossran, while i’m trying to find some skills for my Shaman too, i already got what i want for him, so i have to work on skills. A while ago, i have found a Cheap 197 Skill, Energy Conversion. I have made quite a good combo for my character too, I hanged at Shibuya for some Gold, but it ended up making me save almost 1/8 of my total money… Wow! What a relief! XD

I finally saw my Friend, Edward… Am i glad to see him, cause i thought that i would never see him on tuesdays, but i did! I finally gave him a Copy of Ragnarok 2, and well… How i wish he’ll like it, it’s a good thing that he dropped by the shop, i have showed him the interface of the game, and he said, he liked it! He also said that he’ll be like my character, a Recruit, a Character who uses Guns, that’s what they have replaced for Archers.

Bea arrived at the Shop, i didn’t expect her to see there. She rushed in with her friend, Rizza. The reason why she went there is to get me to make her a Video out of their Project at School, the videos was 14 parts, and most of it are all .avi’s, so it’s pretty hard to see what’s in there, cause the most common video file extensions that can be played normally was .wmv, so… I goggled a converter and thank god, it made my job a lot easier, but i have bothered Ate May Anne a bit more i guess… I dearly apologize for the bother, and then we went to Pacific Mall to buy a DVD CD to burn her file into the CD, so she can submit it by tomorrow.

I really missed Bea, it has been two or three weeks since the last time i saw her, and including Auntie Rose, even though we’re late, i managed to send her home, and i get to have a short chat with her, i missed her really, i saw Wilness working with Boris for tomorrow’s Thesis that they’re about to defend. Good Luck to them!

Auntie Rose was thinking that the reason why i’m in a rush to go home is that, cause i’m avoiding Boris… It’s not really that, i’m just thinking that it’s pretty late, and the trip to Pagbilao was really quite strict, cause there are some times that when i arrived at the terminal even at 9:00pm, Jeepneys are nowhere to be seen, i just don’t want to experience those events again, tricycle drivers are such perfect hagglers, i’d rather walk my way from SM to Home, nah~! I think i’ll pass, since that i’ve been thin again, like 6 years ago T^T. Ah well, There’s several days to come, and it’s vacation, i have to work on myself for two months.


It’s such a Bad Start of a week, cause i did not attended my NSCI01 Class again this morning, but i’m pretty sure that Mrs. Santelices looked forward on seeing me at class (again!). I thought i would end up hating Monday again, cause it’s always the everyday stuffs like hanging around the shop, and having chats with some friends around, Yano Ya Cafe is now impressing me, by opening at very early time around 9:00am which they usually did not do…

I’m sure, this would be a good news to everyone out there who was desperately going on their “ADEK MODE!” I saw Martin, and he’s pretty early, along with the rest of the gang, i have managed to attend the remaining classes which are COMP02 and MATH04, we got a Quiz on MATH04, thank god! that my memory did not fail me, i managed to answer the first two questions, but the third one, that made me think well… cause it’s pretty different… I guess i have to study more since, Finals is on Friday…

Martin was quite busy hunting some scrolls, thanks to him, i got some nifty skills, as well as to Clyde, i would also like to thank Raymond for renting PC9 the whole day, finally… I got Maoren (My Chinese Name) levelled some at RO2. wish it would always be like this.

Another thing… The reason why i called this “Comedic Monday” is because of what happened at our CSCI17 Class, i’m having some funny conversations with Macky, and the rest of my classmates around. We were having something funny about some “certain” people and also, about the “Spoon” hee hee hee~! Thinkin about it also makes me laugh out loud.

Then… At the shop, i told Ate May Anne about the things happened in the School, along with Kuya Ian, Checked Facebook, and when i saw the tags that i have made earlier, it was flooding with comments from Kuya Ian, Paul Ong, and Meann, she’s Kuya Ian’s EX, and one of the craziest girls i have met in this 29 years of existence.

We began to have a funny exchange of comments at JC’s Profile, and we were also thinking how we “Tarnished” his profile by commenting some explicit sentences in it. I apologized to him a while ago, and he just said it’s no problem.

I talked to Phea this morning as well… She said that she’ll be back here in Lucena for Lenten Season, and she will meet me here at school, but i think that i’m not the only one whom she will be seeing. She will also meet some AMA people around, i really missed her. I was telling her also how loney i felt at the moment, and she wants me to go to Manila to have fun, too bad i have classes.

I still did not finish my Tapescript, i wonder if i can do it maybe tomorrow!? Cause the deadline’s at 5pm, and everyone was quite busy making their own Tapescripts. I have to make my own Tapescript by tomorrow at 5pm. NO MATTER WHAT!


Seriously, this day is quite tiresome...

Just friday, and it was sooo damn tiresome, i think i came on the point that, i need a rest on doing something, i dunno, i just felt so tired, tired of doing nothing, i guess…

I skipped my morning class today, even though i only got 3 classes today, i was so late on my first subject, which is NSCI01. Surely Mam Santileces was on me on their discussion… I dunno… I may not think about it, cause it makes me feel more tired, i even skipped MATH04, thinking that i’m beginning to understand the lessons about Parabolas and that, i wish i can still get it before the finals.

This afternoon, we got a Lab Exam on NSCI01. Jesus Christ! I barely answered anything! I still did my best no Tests 3 and 4, But i guess it’s still no-good, i have to study now, and study darn harder!

Tomorrow, i will have another exam, its CSCI17 Lab Exams and, i don’t know what to take, so i have to refresh my mind, wish i don’t be late for tomorrow.

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