NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章499

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Read this as to continue on how will Naruto got his will from his Mother, and well… Do tons of Rasengan… Yeah, i know you guys might say “it’s old hat”. But what if i tell you, he’s doing tons of Rasengan… In Sage Mode!? Hee hee hee! Interesting right!

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章498

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Who would have thought that, Naruto will also see his Mother, Kushina. Now Kushina will tell Naruto all the things that he wants to know, and i guess, this is the chapter where we could also love and fear our Moms the most (not in my case XD).

I almost burst in tears on seeing how Naruto and Kushina talked about things on how Kushina and Minato ended up as Husband and Wife and how they had Naruto. The comic relief was super funny “te ba ne” <- it's Kushina's end-up dialogue, same as Naruto's habit of putting "dattebayo" on his end words.

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章497

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Wow! Naruto Manga is one of the longest-running Manga Series that i have ever known, Now in it’s 497th Chapter and IT has a Colored Cover, i like it! Hee hee hee! Anyways, let’s see if Naruto would get the Nine-Tails to work under his control with, Bee’s help. I’m sure they can manage it!

Just when something bad is about to happen, an unexpected visitor would come and help Naruto, I wonder if that person really is U.K. XD Enjoy everyone!

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章496

Sorry if you guys notice that my post for today is quite, boring, and stupid, it’s ust my internet connection messing up my posting here. Anyways, here the continuation for Naruto Manga Chapter 495, naruto Manga 496. This time, Naruto and Bee will try to capture the Nine Tails. Hope they can do that with ease.

Anyways, by clicking the image on the left, you can now read it. Thanks for visiting! ^_^

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章495

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This will be the conclusion that Naruto would beat his “Dark Self”. After getting some rapping from Killer Bee and (Learns how to rap, you should see Yamato’s Face XD) learning about having faith in oneself. Now he’s giving his Dark Self a lesson about having faith in himself. Kinda confusing right!? ARGH~! Just read the Manga okay? Click the Image to the left. XD

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章498

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Also, Naruto Manga Chapter 494 is here~!

NARUTO – ナルト – マンガ章493

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Sorry if i’m pretty late for this one, anyways… in this chapter we’ll be seeing how Naruto will deal with the hatred he has inside of him, which took the human for of himself, hmm… i was wondering, if i should see my hatred this way, how will it look like!? Hee hee hee! ^_^

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