NARUTO – ナルト – 疾風エピソード148

Click on the Image to watch Naruto Shippuuden Episode 148

Talk about making the weekend feels short again for everyone, Naruto Shippuuden Episode 148 suddenly came out just now. I have to lad this up first, since that i’m still hooked up on watching Queen Seon Deok! XD anyways, there are lost parts of the episodes, so i guess, i have to chase them over at GMA when they air it already.

Most of us tomorrow do not have classes, i’ll be sure to hang myself all day in the Shop along with Ate May Anne, Kuya Ian, and the rest of the gang. I feel okay now, i guess “that scene” really helped me alot to erase how i feel, i believe that i can now think clearly and stand more firm on the matters that i’m currently facing.

I think a “real life rebirth” is needed for me to overcome this sadness, maybe some people find me silly in the reason of “real life rebirth” don’t get me down to the levels of somebody else! I’m already 29, and if i may be too blunt to be proud, i can say that my mind is as broad as how far the sun will shine its rays first thing in the morning…

I have received an email from my Dad, and yeah, that one really helped me out, i really missed him a lot! i haven’t seen him almost two years now. Thank god, he managed to get my YM ID thru Tita Lei.

Now… the “rebirth” will commence!


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