I didn’t expect that CSS Day could be fun like this, this morning, i’m thinking about going to school late, cause i’m dressing up, i’m wearing a white polo shirt, my gray skinny jeans, and my usual outdoor sneakers, i feel good and look good, when i arrived at school, i heard someone said “FUCK!” when i went down in the jeepney, i saw the source of the voice, and it was Yuuji, he can’t believe i’m wearing a semi-casual outfit, which i planned like 3 day before the event, at first i thought it was pretty boring, i started my day at school going in the IT Lab with Yuuji, i saw Sir Mercurio, and some people i know (sorry guys… i’m such an idiot! XD) then went inside the IT Lab Office, and saw my new friend Edward, i caught him downloading a flie, i think it’s his project, so i started chatting with him, it was pretty fun, he really really reminds me of my Best Friend Vincent, they really almost alike, lucky me, i get to use Sir Niño’s laptop (bleeehh~! XP) it was pretty rough in the start cause im not used to using a laptop with “spaced keyboards” so i kinda making typos, and that’s where i made a post about the new manga for Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Then i showed him the video i liked about .hack//G.U. it’s Yata vs. Dual Gun Doppleganger, i think he liked it, then i left him to drop by at the shop.

Ate May Anne liked my outfit today, she’s quite surprised, i also get my very first valentine greeting card from our shop friends from Quezon High. It was a red card made up of cartolina with pink heart inside and an edged cut on the sides. inside the pink heart-shaped cartolina was a message “Friendship Never Ends” something like that, inside the following contents:

Kuya Lyle Geronimo:

“wa na telag sa mekay bez”

JOKE! i repeat! JOKE! =)

Thanks for the tawanan moments, happy valentine’s day.


It feels so nice, especially for someone who was currently suffering from slight depression of having someone hated him cause of a reason that only both of them knows… it made my day, it made me smile all day, i almost forgot on how to frown. sure, people might saw me frown from time to time, but most of the time, i smile. i promised those three brats that i’ll treat them a half-hour internet use, i’ll do that tomorrow.

Back in the real event, The venue was Antigua 3rd Floor, they made us wait 2 hours before the real thing starts, the Mr. and Ms. CSS Double Up! there is a twist in ths pageant, the Males were dressed as females and the Females are dressed as males, it was quite fun, especially Macky, he really made us burst into laughter, in the end… Aljun won the title, he even bagged some awards, Macky ended up making us laugh while eating the dinner, i will try to provide some videos about the event.

I also get to see my “School Mom” in person, she’s really pretty and nice! she arrived earlier than the time she said she’ll arrive, she just want to surprise my “School Dad” and i’m pretty sure that he was surprised, i’m supposed to go with them to eat outside, but i can’t cause i payed for the food in the event at antigua, awww… too bad~! hope there will be next time for us to go out together and get a picture of us as well…

I went back to the Shop, and i saw Kenneth playing alone with Ate May Anne and Kuya Ian, they just left when i get there, we get to chat a little, and i’ve decided to write something here in the shop near my place.


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